Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions is to be read and shall be binding for every transaction with any “seller” or “customer” of Gold Cash Buyers, and shall inure in the benefit of Gold Cash Buyers and Gold Cash Buyers successors and assigns. This is also known as “the agreement”. 


By shipping any items to Gold Cash Buyers, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions set forth herein and affirming, under penalty of perjury, that the lawful information provided from you is accurate and you are at least 18 years of age living in the United States, and being the lawful owner of the “items” shipped in to Gold Cash Buyers

If the customer fails to return the customer return identification slip required by Arizona law,  and doesn’t provide the information within 30 business days, we will deem the items as abandoned and the items will be sent in to the state as unclaimed property. 

Acceptance Of Offers

After we calculate the dollar amount we are offering, we will notify the offer through the customer’s account on our website or by email, the email address in which was submitted on file through our contact form on the main home page of our site (www.goldcashbuyers.com). You must accept or deny our offer within five business days, or for your convenience, we will deem the offer accepted and issue payment to you according to the method you selected on your completed customer return slip.

Declining the Offer

To decline the offer you must give us a call during business hours at our toll free number (1-877-857-6227) within three business days to formally decline or counter the offer with one of our phone representatives. You may also email us to decline our offer at support@goldcashbuyers.com. We do reserve the right to present a counteroffer to the customer before shipping the items back to the customer. When we return the items back to the customer, we will require for some customers,  1. Signature tracking delivery upon the delivery and 2. An update if you changed your address to the one on file. If you do not notify us of a change of address before we return the items, we will not be responsible for any liability, loss, or damage to the goods. 


All transactions once in agreement through the signed purchase agreement (bill of sale) provided to the customer from Gold Cash Buyers, the customer will not be eligible for retrieving their items back. All sales are final and done once the customer has signed the purchase agreement with Gold Cash Buyers.  


Any items sent in from the customer to Gold Cash Buyers will be insured only by FedEx Corporation in the amount up to $1,000. Any additional insurance needed past this amount must be in writing from one of our representatives by calling us at 877-857-6227. We will not be liable for any damage, loss, or liability past $1,000 on any package shipped to Gold Cash Buyers if not arranged for a higher insurance amount beforehand.


We have a zero tolerance policy on any copyright infringements. You are strictly forbidden from the following with respect to our data, information, intellectual property, materials, code, and content:
a. publishing, transmitting, sublicensing, or distributing content without express written consent from the content creator;
b. duplication, rebranding or editing of content without express written consent from the content creator.


You can choose one of the following methods of receiving payment for your Merchandise (“Payment”):

Company Check, PayPal, or ACH transfer to your bank

After accepting our offer, our team of experts will issue a payment to you within (one-two) business days in accordance with the payment method you chose on the customer return slip. If you did not select a payment method or if you provide us with incorrect or incomplete payment information, we will issue the payment by a mailed company check. Before we issue payment for your items, we may verify the personal and payment information submitted through a national provider of personal identification verification services.  If we are not able to verify your information, we may ask you for additional information or documentation, which may delay payment. We are not responsible for any third-party transaction fees. 

Non Value Items

Gold Cash Buyers will only purchase items containing authentic gold, platinum, and diamonds over .25 ct.  We will not make you an offer for gold-filled, gold-plated, costume jewelry, or diamonds smaller than .25ct.  We will return non value items back to the customer upon their request using our method of shipping. These return packages will not be trackable or insured, as the items contained herewith have been identified as having “no value.” Since our service is at no cost to our customers and since the items have no dollar amount value, Gold Cash Buyers may not be held accountable for any loss, damage, theft or non-delivery of these items by our carrier we choose to ship the items back with.

Empty Box Policy

If a package is sent in to Gold Cash Buyers and there is nothing in the package, we will not be responsible for any loss, liability, or compensation. We will not be required to ship this package back to the seller in this case. Our packages are opened in front of surveillance cameras to witness the contents that were shipped inside the package to our facility, and this video shall be valid for any purpose in a court of law.

Updates To Terms And Conditions

Gold Cash Buyers will from time to time update these terms and conditions and will notify the customer through email on file through (www.goldcashbuyers.com) when a change is made.

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