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Best Place to Sell Jewelry Near Me

Searching to find the best place to sell jewelry near me? In these uncertain times, selling old jewelry can be a good option to earn some extra income. Because let’s face it, it’s probably just sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust, right?

Ideally, we wouldn’t have to sell beloved jewelry to make extra cash. And, we know this is probably how most people feel about old jewelry, especially if it belonged to a family member. We totally get that. But, if you have something laying around, especially something you’re not using, there’s no harm in finding what it’s worth. Plus, you might be surprised just how much your stuff is really worth!

Finding the right place to sell your goods

A google search for best place to sell jewelry near me will yield a ton of results. But occasionally, you can leave the room feeling more confused about selling jewelry. Before, the yellow-book used to be a place to find phone numbers of local businesses, and they’re still in circulation. However, a more efficient means of searching have all but replaced these old phone-booth dust collectors. Enter: and yelp.

Essentially, these are new age versions of the old yellow-pages. They are digital, virtual, and do not require a metal chain (or glass booth for that mater). And you can use them to search for practically anything. Plus, because online search engines are not location specific, businesses can be found outside of the immediate area, state, and country.

Are they the most efficient way to find a place to sell?

Possibly. The nice thing about being connected to the internet is that location doesn’t mater. Essentially, you can see the find a shop outside of your immediate location as long as you know the search criteria (city, state, zip etc). On yelp, you can search by zip code to find a buyer.

Do all shops buy?

Great question, unfortunately, they do not. That’s part of the difficulty in finding something that works. Unlike online gold/jewelry buying businesses, brick and mortar (B&M) shops have a store front to maintain, and rent to pay. And having this physical store limits what they can buy. Basically, because a B&M shop targets a certain ‘jewelry’ crowd, they’re less willing to venture outside of their target audience. And similarly, because they know they can sell some items easier than others, they’re normally very picky.

That’s why our online shop is the Best place to sell jewelry near you – visit today!

Knowing what you have

Understanding what kind of jewelry you have before you enter a buy/sell situation is key. You just need to know what you have, to determine actual value. For instance, scrap gold is weighed, measured, and tested for purity. And when it comes to value, not much else is taken into consideration, because your items will not be sold as is. The same goes with old jewelry, watches, and rings. After a retailer purchases your items, they will normally melt it and sell it for it’s raw metallic value (or market value).

For example, say you have 100 grams worth of 18k gold rings. We know that 18k gold is 75% pure when compared to 24k. So, we take 18 divided by 24, or in other words, you’d have 75 grams of ‘buyable’ gold.

The Gold Calculator

We often get questions about how much items are worth. And, the truth is, we won’t be able to tell you until we see it (and test it). But, if you do know (or at least have an idea) what you have, a Gold calculator can help. Websites such as use live gold market value to tell how much your items are worth. These are great for giving you a ‘ball-park’ idea of total item worth.

Additionally, you can use a silver calculator to find the value of non-gold goods. Arguably more common than gold, silver jewelry can be quite valuable as well. We value scrap silver using the same criteria, and a similar market value system that fluctuates often.

How do I find a shop that will buy anything?

If you’re looking for the Best place to sell jewelry near you, we suggest sticking with online retailers such as Because these businesses do not have a store front, they’re more interested in the actual value of the jewelry. Moreover, online shops are usually willing to buy anything, because they know they can sell it back anywhere.

Online shops like ours typically buy on two criteria:

  • Purity
  • Weight

Creating your account with us

Like we mentioned previously, we are aware selling jewelry can be uncomfortable. Sending anything of value through the mail for that mater can be stressful.

However, we have done everything we can to make the process quick, simple, and easy to understand. We provide a pre-paid FedEx shipping label in each kit, as well as a list of nearby drop-off locations. Best of all, we insure each FedEx package based on your estimated item value. That makes the whole process 100% risk-free! Additionally, if you don’t like the offer gives you, we’ll send your items back, free of charge.

For Best place to sell jewelry near me questions, give us a call at: 1-877-857-6227.

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