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Selling Gold: A Guide

America is one of the largest gold consumers in the world. If you are thinking of selling gold or silver bullion, it’s safe to assume your wish is to get the best price. It’s also quite possible that you have been investing money in gold. Therefore, making now the time to benefit from your long-term investment. Or maybe you’ve inherited precious gold jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, rings, or earrings from a family member and you’re wanting to offload it for a good deal.

Whatever the case may be, our gold cash buyers have put together tips on selling gold to help assure your transaction is as smooth as possible. Keep in mind, price, safety, and ease of sale are the three primary factors to consider when selling your gold. 

Fair Price of My Gold

  • Some precious designs or products are more prized or are in greater demand at a given time in the market. Products like gold coins hold their value through a sale. The sovereign coins are universally acknowledged legal tender, you can sell them without any delay. They are the highest in liquidity.
  • If you have gold bullion bars, you can get a good resale value. This is especially the case if the bars have been kept in a vault or safe. The bullion bars which have been manufactured in reputable mints and refineries have the highest resale value.
  • If you want to sell your gold jewelry, you won’t get the same resale value. Most of the jewelry today has alloy and other decorative additions, leading to a lower value. The refiner will have to melt it and make it in the form of a bar, round, coin, or jewelry.

Selling Gold: Where Can I Sell?

In general, most of the people go to a bullion dealer or pawnshop. It is not the recommended way to sell most gold. This is because a dealer will always give you the lowest return on investment. They may not even give the true value of the jewelry, keeping

room for negotiation. Even you try your best-negotiating skills, you will receive an offer far below what you can get from a reputable bullion dealer. Nevertheless, if you have decided to sell your gold pieces in a pawn shop, try some of our tips to get the best price.

  • First. You must keep track of the current spot price of gold and compare the buyback prices from the dealers in your area.
  • Second. Clean up your gold with hot, soapy water at home.
  • Third. Bring forward any documentation that shows your original purchase such as a receipt. Dealers are more comfortable buying when they see the jewelry is authenticated.

Selling Gold Online

A quick way to offload your gold is to sell online. Online bullion dealers typically offer a better price than local pawn shops. This is because they have less operating expenses. Another option is selling gold on Amazon or eBay. The price will be lower than authorized dealers. This is due to the uncertainty in the market as there is a risk of fraudulent products and buying fake or damaged gold.  This is a common concern on both Amazon and eBay.

Learn more about our business and why we are the best place to sell gold online.

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Where to Sell Jewelry Today

Selling jewelry can be an exhausting process or an extremely seamless process. Being prepared and knowing the preliminary steps to take, understanding the process as best as possible, and being comfortable in your sale will help you to have a great selling experience. If you are wondering where to sell jewelry, our gold cash buyers have tips to help you determine the best options for you. 

Where to Sell Jewelry: When Should I Sell

There is no better time than the present. Diamonds and gold alike are currently selling high. Whether you’re looking to get cash fast or hoping to wait for the best time to sell your collectibles or no longer needed jewelry, now may be the best time for you to know where to sell jewelry. 

Steps to Selling My Jewelry

  • Keep the Details together. Have the details, paperwork, etc. of your jewelry together. This will help the sales process go much quicker. 
  • Get an appraisal. This is important. Feeling positive and comfortable with what you’re selling before going to a buyer is essential. This will also make you feel confident when talking with a buyer and setting a price.
  • Choose your buyer. Do your research and choose a buyer that you feel comfortable with. Know their process, make sure there aren’t any hidden clauses in the contract. Feeling comfortable with your sale is key. 
  • Lock in Your Final Price. Once you are happy with your cash offer, lock in your price. With most buyers, you will receive cash right away or direct deposited when selling online.

Where to Sell Jewelry: Pawning vs. Selling

Pawning is typically never recommended over selling outright to a gold or diamond buyer. This is because pawning will typically get you less money for your item. Although, if you are hoping to get your jewelry back after getting cash quick, pawning may be your only option. You can get a loan on your item and go back to purchase it later. When you sell an item outright to a buyer, you are not expecting to get it back. If you are hoping to get the most money from your transaction, you will want to sell to a reputable buyer. 

Selling Online vs. Selling Locally

There is always an added benefit when selling to a business that has less overhead costs to run their businesses. You will be offered more cash when you sell your jewelry to online buyers versus local brick and mortar shops. 

Why Use Gold Cash Buyers

When you choose to work with us, we guarantee a professional appraisal, a top-dollar offer, and a seamless selling process. In addition, in your customer profile, you’ll have the ability to accept or deny our cash offer to you. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our offer, we will ship your items back to you at no cost. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at our toll-free number 1-877-857-6227.

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