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Best Place to Sell Jewelry Near Me

Searching to find the best place to sell jewelry near me? In these uncertain times, selling old jewelry can be a good option to earn some extra income. Because let’s face it, it’s probably just sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust, right?

Ideally, we wouldn’t have to sell beloved jewelry to make extra cash. And, we know this is probably how most people feel about old jewelry, especially if it belonged to a family member. We totally get that. But, if you have something laying around, especially something you’re not using, there’s no harm in finding what it’s worth. Plus, you might be surprised just how much your stuff is really worth!

Finding the right place to sell your goods

A google search for best place to sell jewelry near me will yield a ton of results. But occasionally, you can leave the room feeling more confused about selling jewelry. Before, the yellow-book used to be a place to find phone numbers of local businesses, and they’re still in circulation. However, a more efficient means of searching have all but replaced these old phone-booth dust collectors. Enter: and yelp.

Essentially, these are new age versions of the old yellow-pages. They are digital, virtual, and do not require a metal chain (or glass booth for that mater). And you can use them to search for practically anything. Plus, because online search engines are not location specific, businesses can be found outside of the immediate area, state, and country.

Are they the most efficient way to find a place to sell?

Possibly. The nice thing about being connected to the internet is that location doesn’t mater. Essentially, you can see the find a shop outside of your immediate location as long as you know the search criteria (city, state, zip etc). On yelp, you can search by zip code to find a buyer.

Do all shops buy?

Great question, unfortunately, they do not. That’s part of the difficulty in finding something that works. Unlike online gold/jewelry buying businesses, brick and mortar (B&M) shops have a store front to maintain, and rent to pay. And having this physical store limits what they can buy. Basically, because a B&M shop targets a certain ‘jewelry’ crowd, they’re less willing to venture outside of their target audience. And similarly, because they know they can sell some items easier than others, they’re normally very picky.

That’s why our online shop is the Best place to sell jewelry near you – visit today!

Knowing what you have

Understanding what kind of jewelry you have before you enter a buy/sell situation is key. You just need to know what you have, to determine actual value. For instance, scrap gold is weighed, measured, and tested for purity. And when it comes to value, not much else is taken into consideration, because your items will not be sold as is. The same goes with old jewelry, watches, and rings. After a retailer purchases your items, they will normally melt it and sell it for it’s raw metallic value (or market value).

For example, say you have 100 grams worth of 18k gold rings. We know that 18k gold is 75% pure when compared to 24k. So, we take 18 divided by 24, or in other words, you’d have 75 grams of ‘buyable’ gold.

The Gold Calculator

We often get questions about how much items are worth. And, the truth is, we won’t be able to tell you until we see it (and test it). But, if you do know (or at least have an idea) what you have, a Gold calculator can help. Websites such as use live gold market value to tell how much your items are worth. These are great for giving you a ‘ball-park’ idea of total item worth.

Additionally, you can use a silver calculator to find the value of non-gold goods. Arguably more common than gold, silver jewelry can be quite valuable as well. We value scrap silver using the same criteria, and a similar market value system that fluctuates often.

How do I find a shop that will buy anything?

If you’re looking for the Best place to sell jewelry near you, we suggest sticking with online retailers such as Because these businesses do not have a store front, they’re more interested in the actual value of the jewelry. Moreover, online shops are usually willing to buy anything, because they know they can sell it back anywhere.

Online shops like ours typically buy on two criteria:

  • Purity
  • Weight

Creating your account with us

Like we mentioned previously, we are aware selling jewelry can be uncomfortable. Sending anything of value through the mail for that mater can be stressful.

However, we have done everything we can to make the process quick, simple, and easy to understand. We provide a pre-paid FedEx shipping label in each kit, as well as a list of nearby drop-off locations. Best of all, we insure each FedEx package based on your estimated item value. That makes the whole process 100% risk-free! Additionally, if you don’t like the offer gives you, we’ll send your items back, free of charge.

For Best place to sell jewelry near me questions, give us a call at: 1-877-857-6227.

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Scrap Gold Prices: The Best Time to Sell?

Interest in scrap gold prices has really gained momentum over the past month. Our current economic state undoubtedly has something to do with it. But, even though we may be living in uncertain times, interest in gold remains constant, just as it always has.

Old Computers And Scrap Gold

You can find gold practically anywhere, but a few places are more surprising than others. Today, we wanted to take some time to discuss one of those places – computers.

Our gold cash buyers actually receive questions regarding recycling computers regularly. Everyone wants to know if they can still make money doing it, and so the ‘story’ begins.

First, you should familiarize yourself with computer recycling history. The big gigantic desktops of yesteryear were known to contain more gold than the slim laptops of today. Plus, those prehistoric machines usually had bulky peripherals that contained even more gold. If you think about it, it all makes sense. Big heavy bulky computers required more material to build.

Gold & Computers Now

Fast forward to 2020, can you still find these things? Well, it’s hard to say for sure. Normally, we found old bulky desktops in school rooms and businesses. And, most of these ‘old’ places have long been re-vamped with new gear. However, finding these hot spots is not entirely out of the question yet – you may just have to dig a little deeper.

Second, you should work to better understand where gold containing computers parts ‘live.’ Commonly, we find gold inside the circuitry of a computer. That’s because gold is an amazing conductor of electricity. So in theory, you’ll be able to find small amounts of gold in an area where requiring energy.

For example, parts where data transfer happens like RAM can contain pockets of gold. You can even find little strips surrounding these areas where electricity is required for power. Similarly, motherboards (which are big circuit boards) usually contain the ‘mother load’ of gold used in computers. Additionally you’ll be able to find gold in memory chips, central processors, and even graphics boards.

On the same note, you’ll find roughly $15-$25 in an old model computer. It may not sound like much. But, think if you found a collection of old desktops someone was giving away for free. If you broke down 50-100 desktops, you could have a potential $750-$2,500 pocketed.

In summary, gold CAN still be found in computers. And, scrapping old computers can be a great way to start.

For more on scrap gold prices, give us a call: 1-877-857-6227

Should you start scrapping?

Scrap gold prices are quite good now, and unlike stocks or bonds, their value normally remains VERY stable. We can discuss the ins and outs of gold all day long, but that won’t do you much good.

Really, your chances of finding gold scrap will increase with access. Meaning, the more recycled electronics you can get your hands on, the better more you’ll make. And to be honest, finding prehistoric gold containing computers may not be the easiest thing. But many people have old jewelry or coins they are no longer enjoying, and selling these can be highly profitable.

What’s In It For You?

You want the best scrap gold prices, there’s no doubt about that. If you plan on getting into scrapping, you’ll want to find a business willing to pay top dollar. Our gold buying platform is 100% secure, no-hassle, and fair. Best of all, if you do not like the price we offer after shipping your gold, we’ll ship is back at no cost to you.

Looking further help selling your scrap gold? Visit our website.

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How Much Is 14k Gold Worth

What is the current cost of gold? How is gold jewelry weighed? What makes gold prices fluctuate? Is now the time to sell my sentimental gold pieces? Here at Gold Cash Buyers, we answer these questions and more from our sellers, daily. There are so many factors that play into gold worth. For example, is your gold scrap gold that needs to be melted, or pure gold ready to be re-sold. We’re breaking down the basics and answering one of our most commonly asked questions, how much is my 14k gold worth? 

How Much is 14k Gold Worth: Karats

Gold jewelry is found in karat, or carat, measurements. A karat defines the purity and clarity of gold, dependent on the weight of a gold piece. For example, 24k gold is the purest and softest form of gold found. Therefore, each karat in jewelry indicates 1/24th of a whole. When jewelry is made, it’s most often in 14k or 18k gold. This is because it is much more durable than pure 24k gold. When using gold that isn’t pure, it is mixed with alloy metals to make it durable and strong. 

How Much is 14k Gold Worth: Alloy

Gold alloys in jewelry take what would otherwise be very soft and non-durable jewelry and turn it into a strong, lifelong piece. It hardens the gold by adding copper, silver, nickel, palladium, or zinc. When combing these metals, it’s called alloys.

Common Types of Karat Gold

  • 10k
  • 14k 
  • 18k
  • 24k

Determining the Worth of your Gold

Pricing for gold is determined by basic supply and demand principles. This fixed-price fluctuates daily using a fairly simple system. For easy explanation, the price is determined every day in London by it’s biggest bullion banks. Then, they establish a transaction price for the day based on various principles. At any given time and date, you can look up the price of gold for the day you are looking to sell. Currently, we are in a high-price market making it a great time to sell. 

So, How Much Is My 14k Gold Worth

As stated above, this is a daily fluctuating price. Good news for sellers right now, gold is at an all-time high demand and price. Your gold worth is determined each day in the London market, but when re-selling pieces, you won’t get full market value. There are added costs that occur for buyers. Therefore, depending on where you sell, you will likely get 70-80% of your gold worth when it comes to jewelry and 90-95% market worth for bullion and coins. 

Online Selling versus In-Person Selling

Selling online, safely, is a fairly new process that gives the seller more bang for their buck. Online gold cash buyers are able to offer more money for your pieces, as their overhead costs are lower. In addition, at Gold Cash Buyers, we guarantee and insure all packages as well as send a pre-paid FedEx shipping label directly to you. Selling online is fast, convenient, and safe with the ability to track your package from the moment it leaves your hands. So, if you’re wondering how much 14k gold is worth, or looking to sell other gold pieces, contact us today. Click here to learn more about our business.

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3D rendering of gold bars, coins, and arrows, determining the spot price of gold

Defining the Spot Price of Gold

Find out what your scrap gold is worth. In fact, determining the spot price of gold is the basis of the price of one troy ounce of gold. It’s the price of the exact time for gold on international exchanges.

Ask Price versus Spot Price

The spot price is often referred to as the bid price. Spot, or bid price, is not the “asking” price. However, it can be confusing with the usage of the term, “ask price.” Ask price is the price that sellers are seeking at the exact moment. Spot usually refers to the “bid” price you see listed. As a result, this is the price most recently quoted in the market that buyers are willing to purchase at. This is usually lower than the “ask” price sellers are currently seeking.

Defining Spot Price

Spot price is quoted in US dollars. In addition, we determine the spot price by the trading activity in future markets. Spot price is set through COMEX as the primary exchange in the US. Spot price continues to fluctuate constantly as trading continues around the world, and around the clock. Large exchanges, for example in New York, London, and Shanghai, exist in different time zones. A “fix” price is set for gold. This is to give the fluctuation a bit of a slow down. In addition, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) determines this. This fixed price is a benchmark for producers, institutions, and big market participants.

Retail customers cannot buy or sell on fixed prices. So for you and me, it is the spot price only for gold sale and purchase. If you want to purchase gold at spot price, you also have to pay an additional premium price. The spot price is for “unfabricated” metal, also involving their costs to form gold into a bar, coin, or necklace. The premium is a refiner’s manufacturing gold cost or a dealer’s income.

Diving Deeper into the Spot Price of Gold

In order to get a good spot price, you must look into the factors that make the spot price of gold move up or down. The minute-by-minute changes in a spot price are due to the ordinary purchasing and liquidation activity. The factors that act as catalysts for change in the gold prices are the US dollar, inflation, interest rate, stock market, the central bank, interest rates, crisis, and commodities. The US dollar inversely relates to gold. When the dollar rises, gold falls. For making a stable prediction about gold spot prices, you can keep track of the current gold price and watch daily movements. The historical prices with an interactive chart are available on the internet. This can help in knowing how the gold rate is moving in relation to other assets.

Here at Gold Cash Buyers, we guarantee fair market appraisals with a top-dollar offer in as little as 24 hours. Interested in learning more about the spot price of gold or our gold cash buyers? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at our toll-free number 1-877-857-6227 if you have any additional questions.

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calculate how much my gold is worth, gold bar and calculator on a desk

How Much is My Gold Worth

If you are planning to sell your gold, you want to get the best price. You may be wondering, how much is my gold worth? Your gold’s worth depends on the type of gold you are selling Whether it is a coin, bar, scrap metal, or jewelry. Some precious designs or products are more prized or are in greater demand at a given time in the market. Products like gold coins hold their value through resale. If you want to sell your gold jewelry, you won’t get the same resale value.Learn more about why selling your gold online with Gold Cash Buyer’s is a great option. Most of the jewelry today has alloy and other decorative pieces, which leads to a lower value. The refiner will have to melt it and make it in the form of a bar, round, coin, or jewelry.

How Much is My Gold Worth: Determining the Value

You can calculate the value of your gold simply by multiplying the number of ounces by the current spot price. However, this will give you a tentative value. It will give you the upper limit on how much you can expect to receive in a sale. Most of the dealers will be giving you an offer of roughly 90 percent of the spot price. The market conditions may vary the percentage, as it may be higher or lower than 90 percent. If you have a large amount to sell and the dealer is short of supply, you may fetch a higher resale premium.

The worth of your gold will be dependent on the purity of the gold that you intend to sell. For instance, if you have a gold necklace that contains 10 ounces of gold and its purity is 92.6 percent, then you will be paid for 9.26 ounces. The dealer will multiply the gold content with the current spot price. Depending on the reputation of the dealer, prices may vary a bit. Pawnshops offer the lowest rate, sometimes less than 20% of the bullion content.

Consider the Amount of Gold You Have

The size of your transaction also plays a role in having a good price. If you went to a pawnshop with a considerably large amount of precious metals, it can make you vulnerable to burglary or assault. It is not much of a concern if you have to sell $1,500 worth of gold. Although, if you have to sell gold worth more than $100,000, then it is a serious consideration. Obviously, it does not make sense to carry gold worth millions of dollars into a pawnshop. For transactions this big, privacy and security are the topmost considerations. Our gold cash buyers are here to help.

Gold Price Calculator

You can also get the value of your gold by using the Gold Price Calculator on various gold trading websites on the internet. It is the fastest way to know the worth of your gold. In the United States, the minimum recognized purity for a metal to be called “gold” is 10K. Still, under-karating can occur and it is nearly impossible for the average consumer to spot. If it is possible, weigh your gold onset of a jeweler’s digital scale. Be careful if you use digital kitchen scales, as most of the units weigh in increments of 5 grams. You need to know the weight in grams, preferable to one-tenth of a gram. Furthermore, you need to enter the weight and purity of your gold into the Gold Price Calculator and get to know the price in the preferred currency.

Here at Gold Cash Buyers, we guarantee fair market appraisals with a top-dollar offer in as little as 24 hours. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at our toll-free number 1-877-857-6227.

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sell your gold jewelry, rings in a display case

Sell Your Gold Jewelry Online

There are now more options than ever if you’re looking to cash in on some of your unwanted or unneeded gold jewelry. Maybe you have hand-me-down jewelry that doesn’t hold sentimental value, old pieces that are no longer in style, or simply have jewelry that no longer is desirable to hold onto. Sell gold jewelry online safely, efficiently, and for the fairest price with Gold Cash Buyers

Why Sell Your Gold Jewelry Online

While selling gold locally, in-store can be desirable and feel safe and secure, however, online options are also a very safe and efficient way to sell. With technology making online transactions essentially seamless, selling to legitimate businesses online can be beneficial to your time and wallet. Online buyers also can offer you more cash for your gold jewelry. That’s why so many people wanting to sell gold jewelry online are turning to our expert gold cash buyers. 

Should I Sell My Gold Now

This year, thus far, has seen record-high prices for gold value with no significant price drops. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to sell your unwanted or no longer needed gold jewelry and coins, or are simply in need of a little extra cash, now is a great time to sell gold jewelry online. 

Common Gold Jewelry Pieces to Sell

  • Rings 
  • Bracelets 
  • Necklaces 
  • Watches
  • Earrings 

Gold Jewelry Classifications

Jewelry karat classifications are based on the weight of the gold. However, 24 karat jewelry is hard to come by, as it is the softest and purest form of gold. There can also be price differences in white gold and rose gold versus the more traditional, yellow gold.

  • 10 karat (10k) 
  • 14 karat (14k)
  • 18 karat (18k)
  • 22 karat (22k)
  • 24 karat (24k)

What Are Alloys in Gold Jewelry

When gold is less than 24 karats, it is commonly combined with nickel, copper, or zinc, among other elements. These are called alloys. Two or more elements are typically combined with gold to make statement pieces and jewelry more desirable and durable. Pure gold is soft and overtime can stretch. Therefore, alloys are necessary to create durable gold jewelry. 

Gold Cash Buyers Promise

We guarantee our buying and selling process. So much so, that if you aren’t satisfied with our offer for you, we will happily return your items to you, at no cost. In addition, your gold sends with FedEx’s two-day priority, signature insured, shipping. Our professional team is here to appraise your pieces and give you fair market value for your gold, within 24 hours. You will also be assigned a customer profile, where you can track your selling process and accept or deny our cash offer, all from the comfort of your home. If you have questions or are interesting in selling your gold jewelry online, don’t hesitate to give us a call at our toll-free number 1-877-857-6227.

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