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Places That Buy Gold Near Me

Looking for places that buy gold? You’re not alone. While times are uncertain in 2020, one thing is for sure: now is an excellent time to earn extra cash for gold jewelry. Whether it’s a ring you no longer wear or watch that once belonged to an uncle, there is money to be maid in gold scrapping.

Why Gold Now?

Who exactly buys gold near me? And, More importantly, why should you care about a soft metal at all?

Gold History

First, a little history! Economies have been backed by gold for thousands of years. Our interest in precious metals is nothing new. Everyone from ancient Romans to societies of Asia used gold for the building block of their economies.

The United Kingdom was the first nation to adopt the modern idea of gold-backing. Not long after, it became universal for all countries. In this time, countries who operated in a trade-surplus would receive more gold reserves. And comparatively, countries who operated in a deficit suffered from diminished reserves.

Places that buy gold near me in the UK.

Places that buy gold near me in Canada.

Why This Matters For Anyone Selling/Buying Gold

For starters, the structure of gold reserves and backing means one this: security. And even though countries like the U.S. and Europe have since moved beyond gold backed system, the gold holds remains intact.

Basically, in simple terms, this means your gold still has value. And, even though a fiat system does not require physical metal storage, countries won’t be getting rid of their gold anytime soon.

In fact, everything from dentistry to electronics and space technology use little amount of gold. You can even find radio active gold isotope particles in cancer treatment medicine. So therefore, we can say with a high level of certainty, that gold will remain valuable for centuries to come.

Finding a place to sell your Jewelry

When it comes to finding places that buy gold near you, it’s a fairly easy process. Nowadays you don’t even have to pick up the phone or speak to anyone. If you have access to the internet and Google, gold buyers are already at your fingertips.

What’s better – online shops or Brick and Mortar?

That brings us to our next point. Online vs. Brick and Mortar. Selling your Gold down at the local pawn-shop does have it’s perks. We support small business however, selling gold via your neighborhood shop is probably not the best choice.

Most B&M pawn shops have high overhead costs, where online shops do not. That means, if you want the best bang for your buck, online retailers are the way to go. Further, resale value is not an issue for online buyers, because we’re not worried about re-selling you new items.

Basically, all we are really concerned with, is raw gold content. It doesn’t matter what your ring looks like, or how long your watch has stopped ticking. The only thing that matters to us is purity and weight.

That’s where comes in. We have fine tuned our business model, and eased the pain of selling. We provide everything you need to get started, including an insured shipping box. And additionally, because we are only concerned about overall value, and not resale, we can give you the best price possible.

In summary, finding the right place to sell your gold is not hard. Our system is designed to be 100% risk-free, and secure. Best of all, if you don’t like the price we offer, return shipping is included! Check out some of our highly satisfied customer testimonials here.

Questions on Places that buy gold near me? Give us a call: 1-877-857-6227 or click here to learn how easy it is to sell your gold with us!

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