how much is a 14k gold ring worth at a pawn shop

pawnshop and scrap gold price

Scrap Gold Price at Pawn Shop

Scrap gold price at a pawn shop may be the best way to cash in on your old jewelry in a pinch. Pawn shops are easy to find, and normally quite accessible.

Finding a pawn shop to buy your gold

If you have google and a smartphone, you can find a pawn shop. We were able to find 8 pages worth of results in the Phoenix area alone. But, how will you know which one is best with 8 pages worth of Google results? And will a pawn shop really offer you top dollar, or should you go with an online gold buyer?

Reviews can be great in this case. However, you shouldn’t rely on them. Often, first time sellers lack gold experience or knowledge, and leave ‘frustration’ reviews. We suggest educating yourself before selling your gold.

First, know the market value of gold before entering the door. Websites like KITCO track list live market prices, measured in all the most common weights.

Secondly, know your purity. We use a purity scale to measure actual gold content. You can use a purity chart to give you an idea of what you have.

Lastly, do market research outside of gold value. In other words, find out how much the item cost new. You can use these guidelines to determine overall value, and never get duped.

How A Pawn Shop Works

When it comes to gold prices at a pawn shop, things can get a bit complicated. We’ll try to talk you through the ins and outs, to help you when the time comes to sell.

It’s important to remember that brick and mortar pawn shop are businesses. And, similar to other small businesses, have overhead costs. Basically, pawn shops need to build a ‘bottom-line’ into their buy prices.

For instance, when dealing with gold jewelry, pawn shops are taking more than the price of gold into account. Market value, purity, and overhead costs are all built in to their buy price. Likewise, different pawn shops operate under different profit margins.

Moreover, professionalism also plays a big role at any pawn shop. Your watch (or ring, glassware, etc.) should always be tested for purity, and weighed. There’s really no exception to this rule, and if an owner tells you otherwise, it’d be a good time to walk away.

Choosing The Right Place to Sell

If you’ve made it this far, you’re in luck, and probably ready to make a move. Here’s a little tip moving forward. Even though brick and mortar pawn shops are easy to find, they’re not typically the best choice.

Online gold buyers are probably your best bet. When comparing a B&M shop to an online pawn shop, overhead prices are a huge factor. Normally, you’ll find the best buy prices online for that reason alone. Virtual store fronts do not have to pay rent every month, or huge utility bills for that mater. And, typically, without the overhead costs, online shops are primarily looking at gold value.

But even better is selling your gold to us. We offer 100% secure transactions, a total hassle-free approach, and zero risk. And, because we do not have the overhead of a physical store-front, we can always offer top dollar for your items! Best of all, if you are not satisfied with the price we give, we’ll send your items back free of charge! Check out our highly satisfied customer testimonials here.

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