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Selling Gold: A Guide

America is one of the largest gold consumers in the world. If you are thinking of selling gold or silver bullion, it’s safe to assume your wish is to get the best price. It’s also quite possible that you have been investing money in gold. Therefore, making now the time to benefit from your long-term investment. Or maybe you’ve inherited precious gold jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, rings, or earrings from a family member and you’re wanting to offload it for a good deal.

Whatever the case may be, our gold cash buyers have put together tips on selling gold to help assure your transaction is as smooth as possible. Keep in mind, price, safety, and ease of sale are the three primary factors to consider when selling your gold. 

Fair Price of My Gold

  • Some precious designs or products are more prized or are in greater demand at a given time in the market. Products like gold coins hold their value through a sale. The sovereign coins are universally acknowledged legal tender, you can sell them without any delay. They are the highest in liquidity.
  • If you have gold bullion bars, you can get a good resale value. This is especially the case if the bars have been kept in a vault or safe. The bullion bars which have been manufactured in reputable mints and refineries have the highest resale value.
  • If you want to sell your gold jewelry, you won’t get the same resale value. Most of the jewelry today has alloy and other decorative additions, leading to a lower value. The refiner will have to melt it and make it in the form of a bar, round, coin, or jewelry.

Selling Gold: Where Can I Sell?

In general, most of the people go to a bullion dealer or pawnshop. It is not the recommended way to sell most gold. This is because a dealer will always give you the lowest return on investment. They may not even give the true value of the jewelry, keeping

room for negotiation. Even you try your best-negotiating skills, you will receive an offer far below what you can get from a reputable bullion dealer. Nevertheless, if you have decided to sell your gold pieces in a pawn shop, try some of our tips to get the best price.

  • First. You must keep track of the current spot price of gold and compare the buyback prices from the dealers in your area.
  • Second. Clean up your gold with hot, soapy water at home.
  • Third. Bring forward any documentation that shows your original purchase such as a receipt. Dealers are more comfortable buying when they see the jewelry is authenticated.

Selling Gold Online

A quick way to offload your gold is to sell online. Online bullion dealers typically offer a better price than local pawn shops. This is because they have less operating expenses. Another option is selling gold on Amazon or eBay. The price will be lower than authorized dealers. This is due to the uncertainty in the market as there is a risk of fraudulent products and buying fake or damaged gold.  This is a common concern on both Amazon and eBay.

Learn more about our business and why we are the best place to sell gold online.

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Cash for Gold

Selling your gold can be an emotional experience. Especially when there is sentimental value or a precious family meaning behind your items. It’s important to note that when you need cash fast, your buyer should understand how difficult selling your pieces can be. A good gold buyer should be able to understand your concerns and leave you feeling confident and comfortable with your sale.You can get cash for gold at fair market value with us, here at Cash Gold Buyers. Read our tips before placing your gold in just any old jeweler’s or gold buyer’s hands.

Tips to Get Cash for Gold

  • Know your options. Research, research, research. Know that selling online versus selling in-store will affect the cash you receive. For example, selling to a jewelry store is a fast and safe option. However, you will likely not get the money you had originally hoped for.
  • Shop around. Getting quotes from various buyers will help you feel secure, confident, and satisfied with your sale. There is nothing worse than feeling remorse or being upset over a buying and selling experience. 
  • Avoid pawn shops. Pawnshops are typically in the business of buying low and selling high. As a result, you won’t get a fair market price for your gold. They are also less likely to recognize and understand the full value of your gold. Where in contrast, our team of professionals has the training and knowledge to appraise your gold and offer you the best price available. 
  • Know your collection. Getting an appraisal prior to selling your gold is key. As a result, you will know the rough amount of what your gold weighs, the karat amount, and what you should expect to receive from your buyer. This gives you as a seller; control, and trust in the process. 
  • Get the most cash for gold. Selling online versus selling to a jeweler or other brick and mortar shops will give you more cash. Online buyers have less overhead and less needed coverage to run their business. Therefore, leaving them with more room to offer the most cash for your gold. Our gold cash buyers are here to help you get answers to all of your questions.

The Worth of Gold

The worth of gold is dependant on the current market value, which is constantly changing. However, value is always measured in the same way. Gold prices are always calculated by grams, purity, and karat value. Depending on supply and demand, gold prices can fluctuate daily. Know the current price of gold before going through the selling process.

Selling Your Gold

We know that there are typically two reasons people sell their gold. First, some sell gold that is no longer needed or desired to hold onto. Second, some sell their gold when they’re in dire need of cash, fast. When selling your gold, it’s important to not be hasty when it comes to the later of the two situations above. Furthermore, enforcing the importance of taking the necessary steps to assure a seamless and fair process when selling.

Important Considerations

Your buyer should provide you with a pre-paid label while ensuring the value of your package. If your buyer does not provide a pre-paid service to you, do not use a mail carrier that doesn’t offer tracking. Use a service that tracks delivery and provides you with a receipt. Above all, make sure you have insured your package containing your gold pieces. 

What Makes Gold Cash Buyers Different

We guarantee fair market value for your gold. In addition, we offer pre-paid FedEx shipping for easy tracking, a custom portal for each client, and free 2-day shipping returns of your gold if you aren’t satisfied with our offer. Essentially making any experience you have with us, risk-free! If you have questions, contact us at our toll-free number 1-877-857-6227.

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