Why Should I Sell Online Vs. Retail?

When the time comes to sell jewelry and coins, the choices can be confusing. Should I go to a pawn shop, visit a jewelry store or stop by a gold shop? All good questions, but the main question is “who can you trust”? When selling any item at a retail location, the owners need to factor in retail overhead and business expenses, which increases their costs and lowers your price. When you sell to Gold Cash Buyers, our centralized location allows us to operate without heavy business costs and expenses, therefore passing all the savings directly to you. Our prices are determined by the exact weight in (troy ounces) of the gold we receive, and using the current spot market price determined by the International London Gold Fix. We have years of experience in the jewelry business and have a network of partners that allow us to give you a quick and excellent offer for all your items. Give us a call today to request a free quote.

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