What Do We Buy?

  • Necklaces – (Pendants, Chokers, Chains, Collars)
  • Bracelets – (Charms, Bangles, Chains, Tennis)
  • Earrings – (Studs, Dangles, Hoops)
  • Rings – (Engagement, Eternity, Cocktail)
  • Luxury Watches – (Rolex, Audemar’s Piguet, Patek Philippe)
  • Gold Bars – (All Types)
  • Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium – (All Types)
  • Gold Coins – (All Types)
  • Foreign Gold – (All Types)
  • Diamonds – (Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Loose Diamonds)


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Why Should I Sell Online Vs. Retail?

When the time comes to sell jewelry and coins, the choices can be confusing. Should I go to a pawn shop, visit a jewelry store or stop by a gold shop? All good questions, but the main question is “who can you trust”? When selling any item at a retail location, the owners need to factor in retail overhead and business expenses, which increases their costs and lowers your price. When you sell to Gold Cash Buyers, our centralized location allows us to operate without heavy business costs and expenses, therefore passing all the savings directly to you. Our prices are determined by the exact weight in (troy ounces) of the gold we receive, and using the current spot market price determined by the International London Gold Fix. We have years of experience in the jewelry business and have a network of partners that allow us to give you a quick and excellent offer for all your items. Give us a call today to request a free quote.

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How do we test your items?

In our industry we perform a variety tests. Here are the most common ones used: X-Ray Analyzer, Precious Metal Verification, Liquid Testing, Looking for Hallmarks, Magnification.

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What Are My Payment Options?

You have 3 choices of payment options.

ACH (Direct Deposit) – (24-48 hours)

PayPal – (24-48 hours)

Mailed Company Check – (3-5 business days)

Digital Check – (Instantly Receive To Your Email Address)

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How Long Will It Take To Receive My Payment?

ACH (Direct Deposit)
If you chose this option you will receive your funds within 24-48 hours directly into your bank account!

If you chose this option you will receive your funds within 24-48 hours directly into your PayPal account.

Mailed Company Check
If you chose this option you will receive a mailed company check within 3-5 business days

Digital Check – (Instantly Receive)

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How Do I Deny My Offer?

After reviewing your offer, if you are not satisfied with the amount, you must call and let us know at our toll free number (877-857-6227), or email us at support@goldcashbuyers.com. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee will cover the entire cost of return shipping and insurance up to $1,000 is included when we return your items. Your items will be returned within 2 day express shipping.

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How Do I Accept My Offer?

To accept the offer, simply sign our digital purchase agreement uploaded within your customer account, which will be sent on the same day we’ve received your items from FedEx, and you’re all done after that! The money will be given to you with the payment selection you chose within the timeframe.

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How Long Do the Offers Take To Get ?

You will receive a SAME DAY offer after we’ve received your items from FedEx, and your direct payment will be issued within 24 hours! You also will be able to choose your preferred method of how you would like to be paid in which works best for you on your customer return slip!

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What Is Included In the Free Shipping Kit?

Once you have received the mailing kit, it will include the following items:

1. Customer Return Slip – This return slip will let our company know where to send your payment if you choose to accept our offer.
2. Bubble Mailer – This was made to ensure your contents shipped out to us remain safe throughout the whole shipping process and come to us exactly how you sent it to us originally in the mail.
3. Pre-Paid Label and FedEx envelope

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