Gold and Silver Exchange Online

There’s no better time than now to trade in your unwanted, outdated, or even broken gold and silver pieces for cash. With our expert team and knowledge and the current historic high-level pricing on gold, you could be making top dollar for your exchange with us. Gold Cash Buyer’s wants to ensure no seller’s remorse. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and confident selling your gold and silver with us.

Gold and silver exchange has never been easier than it is now. Online buying and selling has become a progressive area of the gold and silver market, and our gold cash buyers’ process assures you with a fast, easy, and convenient sale. 

Selling Gold

When selling gold, determining its worth is the first place to start. The price of gold can change at any moment, as anything can in this economic market. When you sell gold coins and bullion to an online buyer, you should expect to get roughly 95% of its current value. Although, when selling gold and silver jewelry you will likely take a larger hit and get roughly 80% of its melt value.

Selling Silver

Selling silver is based on the same market projections as selling gold and they are both at an all-time high, currently. Although, selling silver varies from selling gold on its worth, how it is weighed and appraised, and how much it’s worth in comparison. Silver is less valuable and heavier than gold, making your payout less during the exchange for cash. Silver is also a great diversified investment for some to hold onto for a time of need. 

Types of Gold and Silver to Sell

  • Jewelry 
  • Coins and currency 
  • Scrap gold and silver 
  • Sterling flatware 
  • Antiques and rare collectibles 
  • Bullion 

Comfortability During a Sale

Here at Gold Cash Buyers, we know the importance of being comfortable with any big decision in your life. Selling your precious gold and silver is no different. We make sure our sellers are comfortable and full of knowledge before making their sales final. Important things to know before coming to us:

  • Be Ready. It’s important to know if you are completely ready to part with your items.
  • Knowledge is power. Know the current price of gold and silver in the market so you have the right expectations. 
  • Outside appraisals. We fully encourage those who are questioning exchanging their pieces for cash to have their gold and silver appraised before sending it to us. Again, this will help you have a good grasp on expectations from your sale. Thus reducing seller regret.
  • Be realistic. We know that selling meaningful items can be difficult, but know that sentimental value is not included in an appraisal process. We want you to leave feeling comfortable and confident that you got the top dollar price for your gold or silver.

Gold and Silver Exchange With Gold Cash Buyers

Gold Cash Buyers puts customers first. With online buying and selling, we are able to offer the most competitive and top dollar pricing for you. You can be assured that your pieces will be appraised by professionals and insured during travel through the mail. Also, if you don’t like the prices we’re offering you, we will gladly send your pieces back to you in priority shipping at no cost to you. Sell your precious gold and silver pieces with us, from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today at our toll-free number 1-877-857-6227 for any questions about gold and silver exchange.

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